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Hi, I'm Alyssa Gray, the owner and creative energy source behind Shades of Gray Designs. Since this is a one woman show, all of the items you'll find here are handcrafted by yours truly. My workshop is located in north eastern Maryland, in a little place called home, that I share with my husband and Springer Spaniel furbabies. 

While I will often avoid being in front of a camera, and I’m typically reluctant to talk at length about myself, I can sum things up with in five simple words: “I simply love to create”.

This creative endeavor was launched in late 2013 and has grown well beyond anything I initially imagined possible. As an IT professional by day, I decided to expand my horizon and moonlight as a metalsmith and lapidary. While I still juggle those two aspects of life, this journey has created so many opportunities to learn and expand my capabilities that I am forever grateful I made the decision to follow my passion. The last several years have proven to be a fantastic and rewarding journey.

While my style may tend to span genres, I strive to create colorful and unique silver and stone jewelry that has as much personality and character as the individuals wearing it.